Inspiration Point

  Resilience is Victorious

Glen McQuirk

The resilience of water carves through rock.

Living on the coast for most of my life, I observed that the sea is a very powerful force. Despite being gentle enough to swim in and enjoy, it is also able to reshape the coast line, carving through rock and pushing back whatever stands in its way. It seems to be so patient. The waves seem to ignore the obstacles in their way. No matter how many times the obstacles send them rushing back into apparent retreat, the waves keep crashing back. They are relentless; they never give up. It does not matter how long it takes, or how big the obstacle, they will accomplish their mission of reshaping and creating a new and exciting coast line that is constantly changing. Be like a wave, build energy in your retreat and come back with untainted enthusiasm until you go around, over, under or erode the obstacle in your path.

How do you respond when faced with an obstacle that scares you?