S – Be a Shepherd

Glen McQuirk

The shepherd leader casts a shadow of protection over his flock.


King David wrote a beautiful Psalm 23; quoted by many, and which talks about the characteristics of a good shepherd. It suggests that when such a shepherd cares for you, you will have all you need. The idea of abundance is communicated clearly. It is easy to get a sense of fulfillment and peace. It seems that this shepherd knows that the success of the flock reflects overall success and is therefore interested in each individual sheep. In the presence of this shepherd, the sheep do not have to fear. Irrespective of what the circumstances look like, they know decisions will be made with their best interest at heart. They can be sure to receive direction and mentorship that will equip them for greater success and significance. A leader who chooses this approach is a great leader. Sheep stay will good shepherds.

What character traits should a Shepherd Leader possess?