Have the right Motive

Glen McQuirk

Motive motivates without motivation.

A deceitful motive will only breed dissent in the team. Unhappiness will abound. Staff turnover will be at a high. Pure motives, which are openly shared, will attract the best people; people with pure motives themselves. The most common motive for people joining a company is more money. If this is the predominant motive, they will soon leave your company for more money. Seek people who have a motive in line with the vision of your company and let them share in it. Seek to attract them with your vision, not with money. Break away from traditional advertising; sell your vision not your purse. People, who join you for any reason other than your vision, will soon leave and join someone else who offers more money or benefits. People who share your motive will be motivated without motivation.

What is the real motive behind your vision? What is in it for you?