E – You are Extraordinary

Glen McQuirk

 You are Spirit, Mind and Body woven together in an extraordinary form, unique, a one-of-kind.

I sense that most cultures and people groups around the planet agree with this three-in-0ne makeup of man. It is most commonly referred to in reverse order as Body, Mind and Spirit. This inverse order is a recipe for severe internal conflict, but if corrected, the secret to great leadership. Our ability to bring our Mind and Body under submission to our Spirit is the determining factor in our leadership effectiveness. When our internal order is misaligned we find ourselves doing things we know we shouldn’t do and not doing things we know we should be doing. Our Body and Mind seem to have demands and interests bend on destruction. If we rise up and put our Spirit in leadership then it will ensure our body eats healthily and exercises regularly, and it will make certain that we look at and listen to things that provide a positive input.

So who is in charge of your life and why?