H – Follow your Heart

Glen McQuirk

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

King David


I remember the absolute joy and excitement when I heard these words of wisdom for the first time. I immediately began to have visions of luxury homes, sports cars and the like, My interpretation was typically and completely self-centered. Today I understand it differently. What David was saying is that the very desires in my heart are literally placed there by God Himself. The material dreams I were not heart desires but head desires. Head desires almost always lead to self-gratification while heart desires generally lead to the upliftment of others. The amazing thing is that when we write down the desires of our heart (the one’s placed there by God) we are in effect writing down His plan for our lives; the one perfectly suited to our gifts, talents and passion. When we do, He says He will direct the steps (will make it happen). How cool is that?

What is your true heart’s desire?