You are Mandated

Glen McQuirk

You were born to grow global; it’s in your programme, your very D.N.A.


When I read the instruction to both Adam and Noah, it is specific and clear. They both received a global mandate. Interestingly around 1989 years ago, this same commission was validated. This time it was focused on all people and all nations instead. You are born to go into every nook and cranny in all four corners of the globe. It is why you have a desire to travel the world, or be the president of a country, to make a positive difference that will be remembered. Despite our mandate, somehow we listen to the subtle voice that lures us into an attractive alternative life of comfort and safety, where neither failure nor success is present. It is no surprise that people who settle for this life feel dead and lifeless. The environment they were born to impact is within their grasp waiting patiently for them to enter in. Maybe its time for you to take up your global mandate and begin to live.

What do you propose to do with your global mandate?