Impossible Possibilities

Glen McQuirk

Those who dare to believe for the impossible today will experience the miracles of tomorrow.

Everything that exists today seemed impossible yesterday. Imagination is about the impossible, its about envisaging the non-existent as if it was real. Imagination is the most powerful nation in the world and is available to every human being. Few use it correctly. Most abuse it and consequently refer to it as worry. As long as your dreams are limited to the possible, you will never experience the miraculous awesome power of God in your life. It is only when you dare to dream big enough for God to fit in that you will change the world. Make it your mission in life to challenge your imagination to go beyond its wildest dreams. Then write them down and begin to take whatever action you can. Step in faith and see what happens. You may just uncover the truth about you. You may discover that all things are possible…

How can you turn your worry time into possibility thinking time?