Cunning Critics

Glen McQuirk

Critics are experts at drawing attention away from their own lack of contribution by finding fault with those who have contributed. 

The authors’ greatest critics are the one’s who have never written a book. An expert referee is the spectator watching the game on a television set a thousand miles from the stadium. The best coach appears to be the one who has never played. Ignore your critics. The fact that you have them is evidence that you are doing something noteworthy. It is the person who stands up in the crowd that is easiest to hit with the ripe tomato. Let what you do speak so loudly that what they say cannot be heard. Your greatest ambition in life should be to have critics, and lots of them. Critics not only confirm your relevance, but they can help you improve and even inspire you to push harder, higher and further than ever before. It’s the critics who give you free marketing and free improvement ideas. What a blessing it can be to be criticized.

How can you use your critics to propel instead of paralyze you?