Glen McQuirk

Passion produces performance.


A passionate person is not time bound. People who are driven by purpose and passion are driven seven days a week, 365 days a year. Any employment law that seeks to catagorise them as a cog in a wheel and not a unique entity that has something unique to bring cannot restrict them. Achieving productivity with people who lack passion for what they do is only possible with the presence of a threat of some kind (resulting in the need for appropriate laws to limit the threat). A leader recognises that passion and performance are like Siamese twins; they are connected. A great leader leads in his area of passion and consequently outperforms those who are merely in positions of leadership. To be a leader you were born to be, find that thing which ignites your passion. Don’t be distracted by the pursuit of something that you perceive to be an obstacle.

Are you pursuing your passion or a solution to a perceived obstacle?