A – Soar to great Altitudes

Glen McQuirk

Get excited when you feel turbulence; it means you are moving to a higher altitude.


The fasten seat belt sign is always switched on before takeoff. Turbulence is a necessary barrier that must be passed through in order to reach a high altitude where smooth flight can be experienced. Even here though, storms can cause some rough flying. An experienced leader knows that the pursuit of a worthy goal or destiny will always be interrupted by some turbulent air  and is prepared for it. In fact, he seeks to break through this barrier time and again and uses it to gauge progress to a higher and higher level. A follower, on the other hand, sees a little shakeup as something to be avoided at all cost and will very quickly descend to a mediocre level of accomplishment in life. Tell your team to fasten their seat belts because you are about to move to a higher level. Switch the seat belt signs on. Power up the throttle. Take off. Most of the time turbulence is just a lot of hot air.

What turbulence are you experiencing? Are you ascending or descending?